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All services are provided at our location inside the Professional Center at 733 Eighth St Suite 205 Traverse City, or brought to your home or residence, within 10 miles of zip code 49685


Therapeutic Massage

A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, customized to your comfort level, in order to achieve the greatest results. Relaxing while also targeting problem areas

30 Minute.....$35

60 Minute .....$70            

90 Minute..... $100          

120 Minute....$130          

60 Min Side-by-Side Couples Massage ......$140
90 Min Side-by-Side Couples Massage ......$200

Hot Stone

Experience the therapeutic benefits of hot basalt stone as it soothes away aches and pains in addition to a full relaxation massage.

60 Minute.....$75           

90 Minute…..$110        

Manual Interstitial Fluid and Lymphatic Drain

Experience both relaxation and lymphatic massage in a special treatment designed to flush out toxins and support the immune system.

60 Minute...$70           

Massage Cupping

Massage cupping bodywork is a pleasant and gentle, non-invasive technique that achieves powerful results in cellulite reduction, joint mobilization, pain reduction, and detoxification by bringing circulation to the area using a vacuum technique.

Add Massage cupping to any service for $10  

Massage Cupping Facelift and Drain (New!)

Glass suction tubes designed for the face are used to rhythmically and gently vacuum tissues of the face, neck and upper chest.  The suction created lifts, tones, and plumps the facial muscles.  It moves toxins and stagnant blood out, nourishes and stimulates the skin.

30 Min Treatment $45

Recommended twice weekly

8 treatments $300

Mobile Services-Massage brought to your Home!

Therapeutic Massage......$85/60 Min   $115/90 Min  $145/120 Min

Side by Side Couples Massage.........$170/60 Min   $230/90 Min

Hot Stone Massage.................$100/60 Min   $130/90 Min

Manual Interstitial Fluid & Lymphatic Drain..........$90/60 Min

Seated Chair Massage (Great for Events!)............$40/30 Min

                                    For events call 231-640-4152 for pricing

​Massage Cupping...........added to any service for $15


***For travel distance beyond 10 miles of 49685, a travel fee of $2.00 per mile will be added.