All services are provided at our location inside Bliss Tanning Studio at 1126 E Eighth St Traverse City, or brought to your home or residence, within 10 miles of zip code 49685


Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage, also known as Swedish massage, involves gliding and kneading movements to relax soft tissues , increase circulation and release toxins held in muscle, while also melting away stress
60 Minute ......$60          Brought to your home...$75

90 Minute.......$90          Brought to your home...$110


120 Minute.....$120        Brought to your home...$135

60 Min Side-by-Side Couples Massage brought to your home......$150

90 Min Side-by-Side Couples Massage brought to your home......$210

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic

Deep Tissue massage focuses on specific target areas of discomfort muscle tension while reaching the deepest layer of muscle to achieve the greatest result. NEW! Massage Cupping added at no additional charge to this service
60 Minute .....$70            Brought to your home...$90

90 Minute..... $100          Brought to your home...$120

120 Minute....$130          Brought to your home...$150

60 Min Side-by-Side Couples Massage brought to your home......$170
90 Min Side-by-Side Couples Massage brought to your home......$230

Hot Stone

Experience the therapeutic benefits of hot basalt stone as it soothes away aches and pains in addition to a full relaxation massage

60 Minute.....$75           Brought to your home....$100

90 Minute…..$110         Brought to your home.....$130

Seated Chair Massage

Don't have time for a full hour? Need time to relax on your lunch break? This massage is just for you! You remain fully clothed, and have your neck, shoulders, back, arms and head massaged-just enough time to work out some tight areas and leave you feeling refreshed!

30 Minute...$30           

Brought to your home or office....$40

Manual Interstitial Fluid and Lymphatic Drain

Experience both deep and lymphatic massage in a special treatment designed to flush out toxins and support the immune system

60 Minute...$70           Brought to your home....$90

Pregnancy Massage

Calming, relaxation massage tailored specially for moms-to-be

30 Minute....$30             Brought to your home....$40

60 Minute....$60             Brought to your home....$75


 Application of pressure to areas of the feet with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion, in order to unblock trapped energy and ease stress

30 Minute...$30    Brought to your home...$40

Core Balancing

 Complete balancing of the pelvis and spine 
 through muscle lengthening technique

30 Minute.......$25.00

On-Site Chair Massage

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***For travel distance beyond 10 miles of 49685, a travel fee of $2.00 per mile will be added.

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